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Why Fresh Fish Is Superior to Frozen October 8, 2018

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Why Fresh Fish Is Superior to Frozen, Bon Secour, Alabama

Not every seafood restaurant serves the same type of fish. Some attempt to save money by using frozen fish, while others only serve fresh items. You might not even realize that there’s a major difference between these two options, but fresh fish actually offers more nutritional value and better taste, among other benefits. Here are some of the top advantages of eating fresh seafood when visiting your local seafood restaurant.

3 Reasons Fresh Fish Is Better Than Frozen 

1. Thawing Reduces Nutrients & Flavor

When frozen fish thaws, it loses some of its water and flavor along with it. Fresh fish doesn’t have to go through this process, so you get to enjoy the entire fish with all of its bold flavors. The water lost during the thawing process can also contain some of the fish’s valuable nutrients like B vitamins. Fresh fish doesn’t lose any vitamins or minerals before or during the cooking seafood restaurantprocess, so you get more nutritional value.

2. Fresh Offers a Better Texture

Thawing frozen fish can also impact its texture, making it slightly mushy and unappealing. Fresh fish retains its original structure and appearance, making for a better overall eating experience.

3. Fresh Fish Cooks Faster

Frozen fish either needs to be thawed prior to cooking or cooked from a lower temperature. That requires more time to get the fish up to a safe temperature for consumption. However, fresh fish is completely ready to cook in minutes, so you can have your favorite fish dish served more quickly at your local seafood restaurant.


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