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5 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling October 18, 2018

Canandaigua, Ontario
5 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling, Canandaigua, New York

Maintaining a healthy, happy marriage takes effort, skills, and sometimes a little help. When conflict arises, it can be difficult to see a way through, particularly if you haven’t practiced techniques for clear communication and effective problem-solving. In these situations, you need marriage counseling to put you on the right path. Here are a few signs you’ve reached that point.

When to Get Marriage Counseling

1. Repeat Arguments

This is a clear sign that your current methods of communication aren’t working. A trained counselor will help you break through the barriers around these repeated issues and get to the root cause.

2. Poor Communication

Marriage CounselingWhether you’re keeping secrets, afraid to express yourself, or worried about your partner’s reaction, a marriage can’t stay healthy if you or your partner aren’t being open. A marriage counselor will help you express yourself honestly in a safe setting and find ways to improve your communication at home.

3. Lack of Connection

This often manifests as issues with physical intimacy in a marriage, but it can also take the form of spouses leading very different, disconnected lives. If you’re not in touch with your spouse or feel you’ve grown apart, it’s possible to grow back together.

4. Negativity

If your relationship and communication are full of anger, resentment, or despair, your counselor will help you turn them around. They may work with you individually to address feelings of anxiety and depression as well as bring you together to consciously work on the way you speak and feel toward each other.

5. No Improvement

Generally, if you’ve identified issues in your marriage, household routine, or feelings, they should get better over time. If they aren’t improving, a therapist will help you figure out why and determine your next steps forward.


If you find yourself in these difficult situations, counseling may be what you need to save your marriage or to move on. For marriage counseling in Canandaigua, NY, and the surrounding areas, choose Canandaigua Lake Counseling Services. Serving Victor, Bloomfield, Farmington, Naples, Middlesex, Shortsville, Honeoye, Newark, and Palmetto, they are a team of 12 specialists providing a full range of mental health services — including counseling and medication. To make an appointment, call (585) 919-0014 or send a message online.

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