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3 Kinds of Reckless Driving That Often Cause Auto Accidents October 18, 2018

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3 Kinds of Reckless Driving That Often Cause Auto Accidents, Dothan, Alabama

Since driving is a daily activity for many Americans, it’s easy to forget just how dangerous road travel is. Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious and experienced motorists are vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries in a devastating wreck. All it takes is one reckless driver to cause a catastrophic auto accident that has tragic consequences. If you know some of the most common kinds of reckless driving, though, you may be able to identify them in traffic and keep your distance. 

Look Out for These 3 Kinds of Reckless Driving 

1. Ignoring Speed Limits

Speed limits exist for a reason. Traveling too fast for the conditions gives motorists less time to respond to hazards that arise and makes them more likely to lose control of their vehicle. Traveling too slowly can also be dangerous, though, as passing drivers may not anticipate such a slow-moving vehicle in traffic. 

2. Driving While Distractedauto accident

There are countless kinds of driving distractions, but they all fall under at least one of just three categories: manual, visual, and/or cognitive. The most dangerous distractions are those that fall under all three categories, like texting. Texting forces motorists to take their hands off the wheel, their eyes of the road, and their focus off the traffic around them. 

3. Tailgating Other Drivers

Motorists who fail to leave adequate stopping distance between their car and the vehicle ahead of them are at risk of causing a rear-end collision. At the end of the day, there is no good reason to tailgate because doing so can cause a multi-vehicle auto accident. If someone is tailgating you, simply pull over to let them pass before going on your way. 


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