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3 Types of Commercial Insurance Every Business Should Have October 16, 2018

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3 Types of Commercial Insurance Every Business Should Have , Dumas, Texas

Running a company, no matter its size or industry, comes with a great deal of risk. It only takes one lawsuit or catastrophic event to jeopardize your financial security and create enough hardship that causes a shutdown. It’s imperative to have sufficient commercial insurance before your doors ever open for business. However, with so many coverage options available, it can be challenging to know which ones apply to your specific operations. Below is a brief guide to a few types that protect the interests of most entrepreneurs. 

Commercial Insurance Options to Consider 

1. General Liability 

If someone is injured at your place of business, general liability coverage will help pay for the financial obligation you have to support their medical expenses. It will also include any damages you or an employee inflict on another party’s property. Should you get sued in either situation, the policy provides the necessary funds to defend yourself and fulfill any judgments awarded to the plaintiff.

2. Property 

commercial insuranceIf your business operates out of a physical location, property coverage is a must. This kind of commercial insurance covers structural damages caused by events such as fire, inclement weather, and falling objects. It will also help to replace any loss of possessions inside due to a natural disaster, theft, or vandalism. It’s wise to invest in coverage whether you rent or own the building.

3. Workers’ Compensation 

Many states require business owners to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have employees, but it’s a vital investment regardless of the law. The plan extends protection to your staff should they sustain a work-related injury or illness. It provides benefits to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. In most cases, it also prevents lawsuits after someone is hurt on the job.


Invest in commercial insurance to stay out of financial trouble and support business growth. The professionals at C.I.S. - Crop Insurance Solutions, LLC, will help you put together a customized policy that suitably covers the various risks your company faces. Having served the community of Dumas, TX, for over three decades, they have the knowledge and expertise to tailor coverage to your needs. Call (806) 935-6512 to discuss the different products they offer, or visit the website to submit a request for an insurance quote.

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