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4 Ways to Protect Your Rights After an Auto Accident October 2, 2018

Mineola, North Hempstead
4 Ways to Protect Your Rights After an Auto Accident, North Hempstead, New York

It only takes a few seconds for someone else’s careless driving to cause an accident, with consequences that could impact your life for years to come. When you’ve been hurt by another driver’s negligence, you might be overwhelmed and uncertain about how to claim compensation for the losses. The steps below will help your auto accident attorney protect your rights and achieve a just outcome.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

1. Don’t Apologize to the Other Driver

You might feel compelled to apologize for the accident, especially if the other driver is angry and accusing you of wrongdoing. However, any comments you make at the scene can be used to shift blame to you, so it’s best to avoid saying anything.

2. Get Photographic Evidence

auto accident attorneyIf you’re not too badly hurt, try to get photos of any conditions that led to the accident, as well as the damage to both vehicles. Also, take pictures of your injuries both before and after receiving medical treatment.

3. See a Doctor

Some injuries common to auto accidents may not emerge for hours or days later, so you might be seriously hurt even if you feel fine. Seek medical attention immediately. If the insurer claims they’re not responsible for your losses, your doctor’s notes can be powerful evidence linking any damages to the incident.

4. Talk to an Auto Accident Attorney

Immediately after an incident, the other driver’s insurer may contact you with an offer, but it’s always in your interests to consult with a lawyer before accepting. An auto accident attorney will calculate the full extent of your damages, collect evidence to build the strongest case possible, and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.


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