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3 Reasons to Revamp Furniture With Glass Tabletops November 5, 2018

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Reasons to Revamp Furniture With Glass Tabletops, Spring Valley, New York

If you want to revamp the interior design of your space, costs could add up quickly when replacing dressers, desks, coffee tables, and additional furniture with brand new, high-quality pieces. Updating fixtures with glass tabletops is a simple way to change their look without taking a chunk out of your bank account. Below are a few reasons to install pre-made or custom glass surfaces.

3 Benefits of Owning Glass Tabletops

1. Boost the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Investments

Installing transparent tabletops on wood, stone, or plastic furniture will completely transform the look of a piece. The mixture of materials makes furniture more eye-catching and unique. Frosted glass, for example, will complement the texture of wood grain, wrought iron, or stone. Light will shine through the surfaces, too, which will pull focus to finishes and paint on the fixtures.

2. Cut Down on Cleaning Time

Spring-Valley-New-York-custom-glassIf frequent spills have left coffee and kitchen tables covered in stains, installing custom glass tabletops will extend the life of your investments. Glass is non-porous, which means you won’t have to worry about liquids or oils penetrating surfaces. Glass is also easier to clean than wood and other materials, as you won’t have to apply stains and finishes after cleaning to restore the shine. Washing tabletops with water and mild detergent should keep furniture looking presentable.

3. Make Interiors Look More Spacious

Because glass reflects light, transparent tabletops will also make an entire room look brighter. Consider installing glass surfaces in rooms with limited space. When artificial and natural light bounce off the surfaces, the rooms will look larger.


If you want to change the look of furniture with custom glass tabletops, the technicians at Monsey Glass are eager to help with your project. The company has built an impressive reputation throughout New York’s Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties, as well as New York City and northern Bergen County, NJ, for its glass installation and replacement solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. Technicians also provide tips to care for investments. To discuss your custom glass tabletop project, call (845) 352-2200. Visit the company online to learn about shower doors, railings, windows, and additional glass fixtures they make and install. Connect on Facebook to leave reviews and stay in the loop with company announcements.

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