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Why You Should Include an HVAC Upgrade in Your RenovationRamtown, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Valid from September 17, 2018 to November 23, 2018
Why You Should Include an HVAC Upgrade in Your Renovation, Ramtown, New Jersey

When you start daydreaming about a renovation on your home, you’re probably thinking about how to use the new space and various ways to decorate. You should also consider the necessities, like whether it’s necessary to install a new hvac system. Here, you’ll learn what makes this upgrade worthwhile.

3 Reasons to Add an HVAC Upgrade to Your Renovation Project

Gain more space. Older HVAC systems often require ductwork and can take up a small closet, limiting your storage space. New models offer much smaller units and don’t require ductwork; they use narrow pipes that are installed inside the walls. This means easy installation and taking up less space in your home.

Save money with customization. Heating and cooling contractors can customize a new HVAC system for each room thanks to personal zone control. You can keep the bedroom a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house for optimal sleep and warm up the living room where everyone wants to enjoy time together.

Increasing comfort and functionality. What will you use the renovated area for? An HVAC system that offers whisper-quiet heating and cooling is the perfect addition to a media room or recording studio. You’ll love being able to turn up the heat in your new home gym to enjoy some hot yoga. Or, turn down the temp so you feel more comfortable while you work out. 

Get Up to $500 Rebate on Each Mitsubishi Electric® System Installed By an Approved Diamond Contractor™

HVAC systemIf you purchase an ME system between September 17 and November 23, 2018, you may be eligible for up to $500 rebate if the installations were performed by approved Diamond Contractors. You may even qualify for this rebate with multiple system installations if you get prior approval.

Take Advantage of This Rebate Opportunity

ITAK Heating & Cooling in the Jersey Shore, NJ, is an experienced Diamond Contractor who can install a new HVAC system in your renovation. Their talented team is on call to provide smart thermostats, offer repairs, and install ductless heating systems across the county. Call (732) 938-9311 today to learn why others agree with what customer Maria J shared: "Great team all around!!! Technicians are professional, dependable, reliable and friendly!!! recommend to family and friends."

This deal is no longer available.

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