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How to Convince a Parent That Adult Day Care Is Beneficial September 27, 2018

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How to Convince a Parent That Adult Day Care Is Beneficial, Greece, New York

An adult day care offers families a variety of benefits, including respite, peace of mind, and the freedom to take care of their responsibilities. Despite its many advantages, your parent may need to get used to the idea of attending. Below are a few of the most common reasons why seniors avoid the service and how you can let them know its benefits. 

Common Reasons for Objecting 

It’s important to know why your loved one objects to attending an adult day care. Many are apprehensive about how long they are staying or what will happen there. In some cases, they rely on feedback from friends or neighbors. A trusted companion may tell stories of an unfavorable experience. 

Your parent may also think they don't need constant observation and can take care of themselves. Those with conditions like depression and anxiety find change, in general, difficult to process. Once you understand what your loved one is thinking, it will be easier to discuss a helpful solution. 

Helpful Strategies for Conversations 

Rochester Adult Day CareIn many cases, the key to changing your loved one’s mindset is to reframe how they think about daytime services for seniors. Instead of calling it day care, refer to it as a social club, senior group, or activity center. Focus on benefits like socialization, learning new hobbies and skills, or a chance to get out of the house while you’re at work. 

Show them photos of the facility or take them on an in-person tour. Explain the meals and snacks the place offers and the amenities they provide, such as a theatre, game room, and barbershop. Many centers include valuable care services, like on-site physical therapy, a pharmacy, and podiatry care. It may also help to review a typical activity and enrichment schedule.

Let them choose a full or half day session, and mention the staff’s background and experience. Mention the affordability of the services. If worry or sadness are contributing to their desire to stay home, talk to their primary care doctor. You can also enlist the help of a psychiatric specialist. 


By taking a positive approach and providing your loved one with as much information as possible, you will increase the chances of convincing them to try something new. Signing up at a reputable, comfortable, and enjoyable facility will make the process easier. For over 40 years, GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Monroe County, NY, has provided a wide range of senior-focused services, including assisted living, as well as memory and respite care. To learn more about their adult day care, call (585) 621-6160. Browse the program’s amenities by visiting the website. Read reviews from happy clients and residents on their Facebook page. 

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