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What Truck Services Could You Need After Hitting a Deer? September 27, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
What Truck Services Could You Need After Hitting a Deer?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Hitting a deer while driving can be a difficult experience, but sometimes it’s just not avoidable. In addition to the potential injuries involved, it could also cause significant damage to your vehicle. Once you’ve contacted local authorities and received any necessary medical treatment, consider what type of truck service you may need to get the vehicle back into top shape. Here are some common repairs required after this type of incident.

3 Truck Services You May Need After Hitting a Deer

1. Collision Repair

Collision repair is a general term used to describe fixes to common body damage. It can include dent repair, replacing a cracked windshield, or fixing broken lights. Adult deer are large animals—a white-tailed deer can weigh between 110 and 300 pounds—making dents likely if you hit one. The animal may also roll up into your windshield and crack or shatter it, necessitating replacement so you can see the road clearly.

2. Frame Straightening

truck serviceIf the collision was particularly bad or caused your truck to spin or veer into another structure, the vehicle could have a bent frame. This is a more significant fix than basic collision repair work, as it involves manipulating the entire structure of the truck back into its original position. Even if the wheel wells stay aligned and your vehicle drives straight, your safety may be compromised if you’re involved in another collision because the frame will more easily bend and won’t absorb the blow as well.

3. Truck Paint

Even if the incident only caused minor damage to your truck, there’s a good chance the paint was chipped or damaged. Deer have sharp hooves and antlers that can easily scratch paint all the way down to the steel frame underneath. A body shop can match the color and fill in any gaps to preserve your truck’s appearance and prevent corrosion.


If you need truck service after hitting a deer or another animal, contact the professionals at Stephenson Truck Repair in Lincoln, NE. The family-owned and -operated body shop has served the community since 1966 and employs mechanics with an average of 18 years experience in the industry. The team works with vehicles up to 50 feet long, so they’ll have your truck looking like new whether it’s a pickup or a semi. To schedule an appointment, call (402) 466-8532 or contact the team online.

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