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What to Consider Before Listing a Vacation Home to Rent September 27, 2018

Daphne, Baldwin
What to Consider Before Listing a Vacation Home to Rent, Daphne, Alabama

Renting out a vacation home is a great way to generate extra income, especially if you don’t use the property very often. With some careful preparation and research, your vacation home rental might pay for itself, or even turn a profit during tourist season. Below are a few factors to think about before putting your vacation home up for rent.

What You Should Know About Vacation Rentals

Do the Math First

vacation home rentalBefore listing your property, do some research to find out how much similar vacation homes rent for and how often they’re occupied. This information will help you balance the potential income against the added costs of taxes, extra maintenance, and regular cleaning.

Should You Hire a Manager or Handle It Yourself?

Having a property manager handle your vacation home rentals allows you to generate income passively, but they will take a portion of the rent as income. Online marketing tools make handling the rental yourself much easier, but it will require a time commitment on your part. You’ll also have to hire a cleaning crew between guests and respond to any emergencies yourself.

What Amenities to Offer

While you don’t have to offer the amenities of a five-star hotel, your guests will likely expect a reliable internet connection and a selection of cable channels. You should also factor in the costs of toiletries and other necessities your guests will need.

How to Present Your Property

If you’re marketing the property yourself, hire a professional photographer who will display your vacation home’s best features. Your description of the vacation home rental should be thorough and engaging, drawing potential renters in with vivid descriptions of the location and all the amenities you have to offer.


If you’re thinking of listing a Gulf Shore property, Alabama Vacation Home Rentals offers an innovative approach that lets you run your business your way, with your own rules. Instead of paying commissions or booking fees, a low annual membership gives you access to guests who are looking for beautiful vacation homes just like yours. Visit their website or call (251) 333-6500 to start building your listing today, and follow their Facebook for Gulf Shore news and updates.

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