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How Does a Baptist Church Differ From a Christian Church? October 18, 2018

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How Does a Baptist Church Differ From a Christian Church?, High Point, North Carolina

While Baptists are considered to be a type of Christian, there are numerous differences between Baptist churches and Christian ones. Understanding these differences is important if you’re interested in finding a new worship service for you and your family. The following information explains these differences in greater detail and establishes why so many people put their faith in the Baptist church.

A Profession of Faith Must Occur Before Baptism

In other sects of Christianity, it’s common to baptize infants soon after their birth. According to Baptist beliefs, the person undergoing baptism must openly profess his or her devotion for the faith. That means that only children and adults may be baptized. Additionally, the ritual calls for a complete immersion in water (unlike baptisms where the forehead is sprinkled with holy water).

Baptists Only Have One Authority

Baptist ChurchWithin the Roman Catholic faith, the pope is considered an authority. As a result, his teachings and pronouncements hold similar weight as the Bible itself. Conversely, within Baptist churches, the Bible is the only true authority. Congregations are also separate from others. That means there is no reigning authority that governs the faith, unlike with Roman Catholicism.

Each Person Is Individually Accountable

Within the Baptist faith, each person is accountable as an individual. This means that children can’t be punishes for any misdeeds or sins committed by other family members. Also, salvation is based on faith alone. This counter to Catholic churches, in which members must confess their sins to a priest to gain acceptance into heaven.


Oak View Baptist Church offers a welcoming respite to people with love for Jesus in their hearts. That’s why residents of High Point, NC look to this Baptist church for spiritual guidance. Whether you’re seeking instruction on how to live your life in a more Godly way or you’re going through personal turmoil and require spiritual guidance, Pastor Steve Smith and the rest of the congregation are here to surround you in God’s loving embrace. Stop by for a service or call (336) 841-6511 to learn more. New members can also visit them online for more information to prepare your visit.

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