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The Top 3 Benefits of Switching to Propane Heating September 27, 2018

West Plains, Howell
The Top 3 Benefits of Switching to Propane Heating, West Plains, Missouri

If you're looking for a heating alternative for your home, there are plenty of reasons that make propane the best option available. From the money you spend on a monthly basis to minimizing your environmental impact, making the switch to propane gas just makes sense. For those curious about the advantages that come along with it, here are a few of the top reasons to make the leap to the cleaner heating solution.

3 Reasons to Use Propane

1. Versatility

Propane fuel isn't just an effective means of keeping your home comfortable. You can also depend on it to keep your appliances running—from your clothes dryer to your oven and stovetop range—and it works wonders in a pinch as a backup power supply.

2. Boosted Efficiency

propaneWhen compared to oil furnaces, it's difficult to overstate the savings propane presents. Your average propane-powered furnace runs at an efficiency of 90 percent or more, adding up to significant savings over the course of each year. Older oil-powered appliances, on the other hand, tend to top out at around 60 percent efficiency.

3. Environmentally Friendly Fuel

In addition to the budgetary benefits, propane burns clean and produces fewer emissions than the alternatives. The carbon content is lower than kerosene, gasoline, oil, and other heating solutions, leaving you with heating that runs efficiently without leaving a substantial carbon footprint on the environment.


Making the switch to propane now will be a boon to both your household and the environment in the long run. Once you're ready, get in touch with the professionals at Brotherton Propane, the best gas company in West Plains, MO, and the surrounding area. With over 43 years in business, this locally owned and operated business has been leading the local industry, and they'll be happy to introduce you to the many benefits of propane gas. Call them today at (417) 256-5067 and visit their website to learn more about their expert services.

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