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The Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC During RenovationsDyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York

Valid from September 17, 2018 to November 23, 2018
The Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC During Renovations, Brooklyn, New York

Whether you build a new house, renovate a home, or work on one room, every detail counts. This is why many homeowners choose to update their HVAC systems in the process. To help you create an efficient and cost-effective space, Ice Age Mechanical is offering their Mitsubishi Electric® ductless systems at a discounted rate.

Why Include an HVAC Update in a Renovation?

As the weather gets cooler, you want to keep your family comfortable in the new space. Here are a few of the reasons why an updated unit will boost satisfaction while lowering expenses:

  • Conserve Space: When you install a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system into your home, you can avoid tearing up the walls to add bulky ductwork. These units fit seamlessly into any space without harming the layout or design. 
  • Save Money: Renovations can be expensive, and many hesitate to sacrifice parts of their design budget. However, if you get a ductless system now, you cut costs on the purchase and installation. Moreover, because it is more efficient, you save on lower energy bills in the long run. 
  • Increases Comfort: With a ductless system, you control the temperature in each room of the home. Doing so ensures every family member is satisfied in their space. Further, the unit runs quietly and won’t add unwanted noise to your new office space or recording studio.

Get Up to $500 With This Limited Time Rebate!

ductless systemsReady to include a Mitsubishi Electric system in your renovation? You can enjoy up to $500 instant rebate for each Mitsubishi Electric system installed by an approved Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor™. The system must be set up between Sept. 17 and Nov. 23, 2018, and multiple units per home may qualify with pre-approval. The team at Ice Age Mechanical is proud to offer a quality deal on their industry-leading products, which results in more happy customers like the following:

“Ice Age installed our minisplit system last summer. After calling several Diamond Contractors from Mitsubishi and discussing options over the phone, Victor was the only one of all contractors (including non-Mitsubishi contractors) that offered an elegant and discrete solution for our 2 family, double duplex... I cannot recommend Victor and his entire team at Ice Age Mechanical any harder than I am trying to now. Absolute hard-working professionals offering the appropriate solution for your home.” – Marvin. A 

Call Today for a Quote!

To keep your family comfortable all year, turn to Ice Age Mechanical in Brooklyn, NY, for high-quality ductless systems and installations. Their industry experts will help select products that suit your needs and create a payment plan that fits your budget. For more information on their services visit the website today. Call (718) 509-9594 to schedule an appointment.  

This deal is no longer available.

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