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How to Get a CCW License in Illinois October 8, 2018

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How to Get a CCW License in Illinois, Columbia, Illinois

If you’re a gun owner, you might be considering applying for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) license. According to state law in Illinois, this document will be necessary to keep a firearm out of plain view. Below is a simple guide on how to obtain the license and why you might want one.

Why Is a CCW License Beneficial?

Once you have your license, you’ll be able to bring your gun with you when you leave the house. This ensures you can protect yourself and those you love from dangerous situations, as well as providing friends and family with peace of mind. Furthermore, you’ll undergo extensive training, enhancing your expertise as a firearm owner. Finally, not only will you have more confidence, but you’ll benefit from enhanced situational awareness.

How Can You Obtain One?gun

There are numerous steps involved in obtaining the license, including making sure you’re eligible. In the state of Illinois, you must be 21 years of age, have a clean record, and be in possession of a valid FOID license. Next, you’ll need to take a 16-hour safety course, which will enhance your knowledge of cleaning and caring for the firearm as well as actually using it. Finally, you’ll need to submit an application, which will include a headshot, fee, fingerprints, driver’s license information, and a variety of information about you for a full background check. If you are approved, you’ll be legally permitted to carry a concealed gun on your person.


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