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3 Important Reasons to Have an Electrician Rewire Your Home September 27, 2018

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Important Reasons to Have an Electrician Rewire Your Home, Davenport, Washington

Charred outlets. Flickering lights. Brownouts. Circuit breaker trips. These are among the many signs indicating it’s time to schedule whole house rewiring from a reputable electrician. Even if these symptoms have yet to manifest, it is a good idea to rewire your house if it is older. Houses built in the 1970s often feature aluminum wiring; however, aluminum is corrosive and contributes to electrical fires.

Top 3 Reasons to Schedule House Rewiring With a Professional Electrician

1. Improves House Safety

Residential electrical fires cause about 51,000 blazes per year, resulting in almost 500 fatalities and 1,400 injuries annually. They also account for $1.3 billion in yearly property damage and are the third-leading cause of household fires in the U.S. Scheduling professional whole house rewiring from a licensed, experienced electrician significantly reduces your risk of fire, especially if your home has exhibited any warning signs of electrical problems. Your electrician will replace aluminum with copper as well as any corroded components to help you enjoy a safer home.

2. Increases Functionality to Save Time & Reduce Stress

electricianConstantly having to reset your circuit breaker and check flickering lights gets old, especially if you are worried the wiring behind the walls is old and susceptible to sparking. Save yourself time and stress with rewiring services from your local electrician. You will relish the peace of mind knowing your home’s electrical system is operating at the highest level.

3. Contributes to Resale Value

If you plan to put your home on the market now or in a few years, a new copper wiring system provides an outstanding selling point. Buyers want to know they are not investing in “money pits” with numerous safety and functionality issues that can cause expensive repairs or serious injuries. This is particularly important if your home is older, as buyers will be more interested in a classic residence with modern features such as new copper wiring and plenty of outlets.  


Trust your home’s electrical system to the talented electricians at Halme Electric and Pump. Proudly serving the greater Davenport, WA, area since 1985, this company conveniently offers electrical services as well as water well drilling and well pump installation and repair. Call (509) 725-3500 to schedule service and follow the electricians on Twitter for more helpful household tips.

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