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The Top 4 Indications You Need a Home Water Treatment System October 15, 2018

Hiawassee, Towns
The Top 4 Indications You Need a Home Water Treatment System, Hiawassee, Georgia

The drinking water in many people's homes contains a variety of contaminants. Some cause stomach upsets or other illnesses, while others simply leave deposits in the sink and bathtub. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of what comes out of your faucet, a water filtration or softener system may be in order. Below are some of the key signs that you need a water treatment system for your home.

4 Signs You Need a Water Treatment System

1. Unpleasant Flavor or Odor

If your water tastes or smells bad, it can affect nearly everything you make in your kitchen, from coffee and juice to soups and stews. However, a bad smell or flavor is not something you need to live with. A filtration system can transform bad water into something completely odorless and delicious.

2. Clouds or Discoloration

Water treatment in Hiawassee, GA If your water is murky, you should consider a treatment system to remove the contaminants, even if it doesn't taste or smell bad. The water you drink and wash dishes and clothes in should be completely clear, not cloudy or yellow.

3. Frequent Illnesses

If people in your household frequently experience unexplained gastrointestinal illnesses, the problem could be your water. Many disease-causing microorganisms can be present without affecting the flavor, smell, or color. Consider installing a filtration system to see if that helps.

4. White Scale Buildup

White, chalky deposits in or on the sinks, bathtub, shower walls, or faucets of your home are the result of hard water containing excessive amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. It should be safe to drink, although it makes cleaning difficult and could result in laundry that comes out dingy and gray. A water softener can rid you of this problem.

If you notice one or more of the symptoms above, consider a water treatment system for your home. It's an effective and affordable solution, and Chem Free Pure Water Systems in Hiawassee, GA can help. They've been serving Towns County and beyond for more than 40 years and carry a wide selection of water filtration and softener systems. Visit their website to submit an online message or call (706) 835-8865 for guidance.

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