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3 Places to Put a Spare Car Key November 1, 2018

Everett, Lincoln
3 Places to Put a Spare Car Key, Lincoln, Nebraska

Every mobile locksmith you talk to will recommend that you hide a spare car key somewhere in case you lose or break your primary key. This will keep you from the cost and inconvenience of having to have a new key crafted for the car and may just save you from getting stranded one day. If you’re wondering where to put your spare key, you’re not alone. Get some ideas, here.

Mobile Locksmith Recommendations for Placing a Spare Key

1. Choose a Guardian

locksmithMany drivers choose to give a copy of their key to someone they trust. This should be someone close by who you can call if you find yourself stranded somewhere; they should also be willing to drive to you and drop off the key. If you have a friend or family member that lives close, you could offer to trade key copies to help each other out.

2. Store on the Car

Storing the key on the car itself makes accessing your spare key very convenient, so losing your primary copy won’t really disrupt your day. There are magnetic boxes available that you can attach to the undercarriage of the car, so it will be hidden out of the way. Keep in mind that car thieves may check for these magnetic boxes, so invest in a quality one from your mobile locksmith that can’t be broken into by a stranger.

3. Safe

If you want to know your spare key is safe, a safe is an excellent place for it. You’ll never misplace it, and if the time comes that you need your key, you’ll know exactly where it is. The only drawback to this strategy is that you’ll need to get transportation to your safe and back to your car before you can unlock your vehicle.


When you need a spare key made or need someone to unlock vehicles, trust your mobile locksmith at Lincoln Lock & Safe! Their locksmith service serves customers throughout Lancaster County, NE. See their full range of services online and call the locksmith at (402) 475-0002 to schedule a service.

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