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Why You Should Leave Lawn Fertilization to the Professionals October 4, 2018

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Why You Should Leave Lawn Fertilization to the Professionals, Enterprise, Alabama

While there are a lot of projects you can DIY, lawn fertilization is something that should always be left to the professionals. Not only will they save you time, but they will also give you better results. See the difference that a lawn care professional can make below to understand why they are a worthwhile investment.

The Difference a Professional Makes in Lawn Fertilization

How They Provide a Healthier Lawnlawn fertilization

Fertilization is a challenging aspect of lawn maintenance. Many homeowners apply the wrong amount of fertilizer—usually too much—which stunts grass growth by saturating the soil with chemicals. Others do it at the wrong time of year, which will stop the lawn from growing when it should.

Professional landscapers know the proper ingredients to use that will be best for your climate and type of grass. They’ll schedule an appointment in late spring or early summer before the grass starts its growth cycle, which will encourage a lush lawn. They will combine your fertilization with other services such as aeration to maximize the effects of the fertilizer.

Other Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Without the proper equipment, fertilizing can take a long time. A professional will research fertilizer types, calculate amounts, and apply the plant food for you. You can also request that they use a pet-friendly substance if you have outdoor cats and dogs, and their professional-grade options will give you a healthier lawn than you could expect from store-bought options.


The professionals at Lucky Lawn Service provide lawn fertilization to homeowners in and around Enterprise, AL. Whether your lawn is currently thriving or is in desperate need of a rejuvenating lawn treatment, they’ll make sure it’s healthy and lush for years to come. Visit them online to learn more about their lawn care services, and call (334) 347-8873 to schedule a fertilization appointment for spring.

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