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How Your Landscaping Can Absorb Ambient Noise October 22, 2018

Eldersburg, Carroll
How Your Landscaping Can Absorb Ambient Noise, Eldersburg, Maryland

Your landscaping is an essential feature in your home’s curb appeal. But when properly designed, it has an additional benefit: it can muffle noise from the road or neighbors. Below are a few landscape design ideas to decrease ambient noise and increase your quiet enjoyment of your home and yard.

Tips to Decrease Noise

1. Construct Tall Barriers

Sound waves tend to travel horizontally and slightly upward, so if you want to minimize them, a physical barrier is the first thing to try. A wall or sturdy fence that sits at least six feet tall will help deflect sound away from the property, while a hedge of similar dimensions will instead dampen and absorb the sound waves.

2. Add Plants

LandscapingIf a solid hedge isn’t your style, try adding plants to muffle outside noises. Scatter trees and bushes across the property, and stagger them so they completely encircle the home. Because they have so many leaves and twigs, they will muffle sound, though not as effectively as one unified wall. You can also use scattered plants in addition to a wall or hedge for double the protection.

3. White Noise

If you can’t block out sound completely, you can make it less intrusive and disturbing. A moving water feature such as a stream or a fountain generates pleasant, constant background noise which will break up any sounds from outside the property. You might also consider wind chimes, or plants which attract birds—whatever sound you find most soothing.


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