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The History of Bagels September 26, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The History of Bagels, Brooklyn, New York

Millions of people enjoy bagels daily; but, do you know where they come from? The round bread and toppings boast hundreds of flavor combinations and have been go-to breakfast and lunch items for years. Below is a brief guide to its unique creation and evolution, and how it became a crowd favorite.

The Origin of Bagels

Though the true origin is unknown, there are many theories. For instance, it is thought that a Viennese baker created the first bagels in Austria in the late 1600s. It is said that he made the bread shaped like a riding stirrup to honor the Polish king whose army saved the locals from the Turkish. Afterward, some historians predict that the item made its way to nearby Russia.

The Evolution

bagels Brooklyn NYBakeries in New York and Montreal started featuring bagels in the early 20th century thanks to their many immigrant workers. Since this time, the infamous New York variety has been recognized for its extra soft and chewy bite—a feature that is likely owed to the slow fermentation process which allows the dough to stay light as it rises overnight. Moreover, most in-state bagel shops briefly place the item in boiling water before baking to give the finished product an airy quality.

The Industrial Revolution didn’t just affect roadways and railways; mass production allowed bakers to churn out thousands of bagels a day, quickly providing the treat to a greater number of people than was previously possible.

Where They Are Today

Today, bagels can be found in just about every town in the world. Not only are there thousands of flavors, like blueberry and cherry, you can also find bagels in vegan and gluten- and allergen-free varieties to cater to the many dietary needs of the current population. 


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