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4 FAQs About Vinyl Siding Replacement September 25, 2018

Stamford, Fairfield County
4 FAQs About Vinyl Siding Replacement, Stamford, Connecticut

When it comes to replacing their home’s siding, many homeowners find themselves choosing from a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles. And while the number of materials available can be overwhelming, one of the most popular is vinyl. If you’re interested in vinyl siding replacement, the following guide answers some of the most common questions you may have.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Siding Replacement

1. Why Is This Material So Popular?

In the mid-20th century, many homes relied on aluminum siding. However, aluminum was ineffective and didn’t protect the building structure very well. Instead, many homeowners began to switch to vinyl, which was found to be much more effective and added to the property aesthetics. Many people also love this material because it comes in a variety of styles and can even imitate other materials that might better complement the property’s décor. Furthermore, vinyl is very cost-effective and provides enhanced UV protection to any home.

2. What Maintenance Is Required?

Once the siding is installed, you won’t have to worry about completing too much maintenance. It should be cleaned with a hose and mild water pressure yearly. In addition, it might require replacement of small sections after storm damage or severe weather. Otherwise, you can expect the material to last 30 to 50 years without any other work.

3. How Is It Installed?

vinyl siding replacementVinyl siding installation can be completed in two ways. Most frequently, it is applied on top of a home’s existing siding, as this is cost-effective and less labor-intensive. However, if the current siding is damaged, rotted, or experiencing any other issues, it may need to be removed first. When this happens, the new siding will be attached to the base materials in strips and built from the ground up.

4. Is It Energy Efficient?

If installed properly and fully insulated, vinyl siding can help you save on your monthly energy bills. It typically includes hardened foam, which attaches to the inside of the panels and prevents air from escaping. This keeps your heating and cooling system from working too hard and enhances the efficiency of your home.


If you are considering vinyl siding replacement in Stamford, CT, put your trust in Signature Exteriors. With nearly 70 years of experience and a seasoned team of siding contractors, they’ll work with you to determine the right options for your home. Family-owned and -operated, this business even offers a 20-year workmanship warranty to ensure every aspect of the exterior is safe, functioning, and beautiful. To get started on your siding replacement project, call them today at (866) 244-8029. Or, like them on Facebook for news and updates.
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