Susan B. Anthony, New York
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Storage options at L.A. Self-Storage June 5, 2015

Susan B. Anthony, Rochester
Storage options at L.A. Self-Storage, Rochester, New York

We offer two different kinds of storage here at L.A. Self-Storage.The most popular way to keep your property here is in 24/7 access units. You don’t have to deal with gates or fences, loading docks or elevators with any of the units we offer. 24/7 refers to the access you have to your storage. All units are individually alarmed unless they are in corridors. In that case the corridor is alarmed for your protection but you share access to the hallway with others. The rental commitment on your part is nothing more than month to month but we do ask for a ten days’ notice.

In the discounted storage you have to move in or out of during office hours only: 9-5 Monday through Friday and 9-3 on Saturday. For the most part this way of keeping your stuff is for people who are just storing their items and don’t need to come and go and visit while it is here. Generally you get a little more space for a little less money in the discounted storage. For instance, a 10x10 in 24/7 is currently regularly $105/month. A 10x12, individual unit in the discounted storage is $100/month. This option is best for inexpensive, long term storage. We even have less expensive ways to store in the alternative storage which you can inquire about by calling 585-254-1536.

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