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How to Find a Skilled Trial Attorney to Represent You in Court October 8, 2018

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How to Find a Skilled Trial Attorney to Represent You in Court, Milford, Pennsylvania

All types of cases can go to trial, which means there are dozens of reasons why you may have to go to court someday. Regardless if you are facing criminal charges or suing a negligent motorist, you deserve a seasoned ally by your side. Since many people with a pending court date have never needed an attorney before, they do not know how to find a reputable law firm. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to hire a strategic attorney who will protect your best interests, as long as you follow a few simple tips.

3 Tips for Finding a Trial Lawyer

1. Ask for Referrals 

If any friends or family members have faced legal hurdles similar to yours, ask which law firm they turned to for guidance. You can also ask lawyers whom you’ve hired in the past for a professional referral. For example, if you declared bankruptcy a few years ago and are now facing criminal charges, your bankruptcy attorney may be able to recommend a reputable criminal defense lawyer in the area.

2. Consider Applicable Experience

attorneyMost areas of law are relatively broad. Not all personal injury lawyers resolve cases involving medical malpractice, for example, and not all medical malpractice attorneys have trial experience. At the end of the day, you need to find someone who has resolved cases similar to yours and possesses the experience to achieve success in court.

3. Meet in Person

You can tell a lot about a firm by scheduling an initial consultation. For example, they should be accommodating and flexible from the start. Once you meet with a lawyer, they should provide a direct means of contact. Beware of attorneys who instruct you to call a legal secretary if any questions or concerns arise — you deserve personalized and attentive service at every stage of the proceedings. 


If you're facing a complicated legal battle in Pennsylvania, turn to Levy, Stieh, Gaughan & Baron PC. Based in Milford and serving clients across Pike County, they have been protecting their clients’ rights both in and out of court for more than a decade. Their areas of expertise include family law, criminal defense, and estate planning. Visit their website to learn more about the comprehensive legal counsel they provide, or call (570) 296-8844 to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney on their team today.

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