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What's the Difference Between Hacking & Phishing? October 1, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
What's the Difference Between Hacking & Phishing?, Brighton, New York

From your favorite crime-solving TV shows to increasingly common news stories, the average computer user has been introduced to the concept of hacking. However, this modern crime has advanced beyond feverish typing and code-cracking to include invasive viruses and a data retrieval scam known as phishing. To make sense of these tactics and avoid the need for emergency computer repair, consider the following comparison.


In essence, hacking is a method of exploitation in which an individual uses advanced computer skills or code-cracking devices to take something that is not theirs. This entails figuring out the password on a private computer or infiltrating a network from a remote location. In this case, the hacker takes the information they’re looking for without any interaction with the person they’re taking it from. Sometimes, companies hire professionals with hacking skills to try and infiltrate their systems, so they can pinpoint weaknesses in their security setup. However, most hacking is done by those trying to obtain funds or private information illegally.


computer repairWhile hacking is more like a breaking and entering crime, phishing deliberately involves the victim. Ultimately, the point is to receive their consent or the voluntary disclosure of information—although such approval is given under false pretenses. A phishing scheme usually involves a fake email disguised to look trustworthy, which may ask the recipient to send their billing information or other private data. In other cases, it may entice the individual to click on a link that will enable the download of malware, which will require computer repairs to fix. Phishing can also be done through a text message or over the phone.


While the world of cybercrime is ever-changing, you can put up your best defenses with the help of an expert computer repair company. Microworx of Rochester, NY, has been helping clients in Monroe County make sense of their electronics for 25 years. They’ll be happy to help you avoid hacking and phishing schemes. For more information about their services, visit the website. Call (585) 271-0050 to schedule an appointment for comprehensive computer repair.

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