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5 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Your Child October 5, 2018

New York, Richmond
5 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Your Child, New York, New York

Voice lessons come with an array of benefits. Besides honing musical ability and learning great songs, singing lessons teach skills that extend past the music room and into the academic and social world. If you are considering signing up your child for voice lessons, below are five reasons to do it today.

What Singing Lessons Do for Your Child

1. Build Confidence

Voice lessons, particularly one-on-one sessions, offer personalized attention to students and give them a safe place to express themselves. As they progress, they feel more confident in their abilities and build self-esteem with every new skill they master.

2. Improve Academic Skills

voice lessonsMusic lessons improve coordination, multi-tasking, and pattern recognition as well as right- and left-brain function. Those who study music also have improved math and science skills since music incorporates ratios, fractions, counting, pacing, sequencing, and acoustics. Singing integrates math, spatial relations, reading, and emotional expression, which all boost brain activity and create pathways for processing numbers and letters more effectively.

3. Learn Good Study Habits

Because voice lessons require study, memorization, and practice, children understand more about their learning style and how their brain processes information. They quickly develop techniques for breaking down a new piece, absorbing critical components, and practicing it so they feel ready to perform it. This approach transfers to concepts they face in school and at work.

4. Boost Focus

Singing takes concentration, and children who take regular lessons learn the responsibility and discipline necessary to succeed. Their ability to focus improves as they work to master a new song and expand their vocal range. They quickly realize the benefit of practicing at home and will give their undivided attention to each session. The more they practice focusing, the better they become at it in every aspect of their day.

5. Enhance Listening & Speaking Skills

Tone, diction, and articulation are all necessary components for singing. Voice lessons improve clarity and quality of speech. Because singing also incorporates inflection and facial expressions, students also become better listeners and communicators. They can pick up on body language and intonation more adeptly and will read subtle cues that others may not.


DEA Music and Art is Staten Island, NY’s choice in music lessons. With a strong focus on music education and building confidence in their skills, the staff fosters creativity and expression while teaching music to children from preschool through high school. With a curriculum that complies with the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in London, each student is assessed annually and given performance opportunities to showcase their skills. For more on their voice lessons as well as guitar, piano, violin, and even art classes, call (718) 370-7733 or visit them online.