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Do Glasses Weaken Eyesight? September 18, 2018

West Hamilton, Hamilton
Do Glasses Weaken Eyesight?, Hamilton, Ohio

If it’s your first time wearing glasses or you’ve recently updated your prescription, you may notice when you remove them that everything looks blurry or out of focus. So do glasses make your eyes weaker? Whether you need glasses all the time or only for reading, it can be normal to wonder what kind of impact they have on your overall eyesight.


How They Work

When you visit the eye doctor, they’ll conduct a number of tests to determine not only if you have a vision problem, but also the severity and type. With the results of your eye tests, the doctor will recommend the best course of treatment — which usually involves glasses. If your doctor recommends glasses, they will need to have prescription lenses to meet your vision needs. Lenses work by correcting refractive errors in the eye, which makes it easier for you to focus on items close or far away from you, depending on the type of vision loss you have.


Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Weaker?

imageWhile it can be natural to assume wearing glasses all the time would make your eyes weaker, they actually have no impact on your overall eye health. Before getting your glasses, you likely struggled to see things clearly, which means your eyes were straining to try and adjust. Once you begin wearing glasses, your eyes become used to seeing things through the lenses, which means being able to focus more easily on objects.

After adjusting to the glasses, you will notice things seem blurrier than they did before. While this might make you think your eyes are weaker, it’s actually no worse than how you were seeing before glasses — it just feels that way because you’ve become used to your new vision accessory.

While glasses help you see clearly, it’s still important to visit your eye doctor for regular checkups to ensure your prescription is meeting your needs. Schedule an appointment with your doctor if you notice any vision changes while wearing your glasses.


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