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Choosing Comforters? Use Color Psychology to Make Your Bedroom Comfortable October 1, 2018

Mason, Warren
Choosing Comforters? Use Color Psychology to Make Your Bedroom Comfortable, Mason, Ohio

If you have ever replaced comforters in your home and noticed that your place felt a little more fun, relaxing, or comfortable, it wasn’t your imagination. Colors have a significant impact on people, which is why color psychology is used by everyone from marketing professionals to fast-food companies. Here is a little more information on how colors can help you to transform your abode. 

Using Comforters to Improve Your Bedroom

How Do Different Colors Impact People?  

comfortersWhite creates a serene, peaceful, and pure environment, while most people associate black with power, elegance, and formality. Since green is a color typically found in nature, it results in an organic feeling that many people associate with safety. Orange and yellow both spark happiness, while orange is also reminiscent of tropical flowers and exotic themes. Blues and teals are thought to remind people of the ocean, spurring feelings of calm. 

Which Colors Are Right for Your Bedroom? 

Before choosing a comforter, think carefully about how you use your bedroom. If you need a relaxing retreat to head to at the end of the day, filling your room with white, blue, or green linens could help you unwind. On the other hand, if you are one of the millions of Americans who respond to emails, watch TV, or talk on the phone from their beds, a more thought-provoking color like orange or yellow might be the perfect shade for your bedding. 


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