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5 Reasons to Opt for Aluminum Gutters Instead of Steel October 18, 2018

Hamilton, La Crosse County
5 Reasons to Opt for Aluminum Gutters Instead of Steel, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. Without them, rain runoff could cascade down the sides of the house and settle at the foundation, causing major damage to your home. If you’re deciding between aluminum or steel gutters, there are several factors to take into account. To help you make the right choice, below is a brief explanation of their features.

5 Differences Between Aluminum & Steel Gutters

1. Price

Although the costs of aluminum and steel gutters can be comparable per linear foot, stainless steel systems cost more in the long run. For seamless fixtures, both materials need to be formed by sheet metal workers according to the bends and corners of the house. The work put in to manufacture steel fixtures is more time-consuming and labor-intensive. The material is heavier and thicker than aluminum, which makes it more difficult to cut and therefore more expensive.

2. Installation

Aluminum is lightweight, which means the material is easier to carry and secure to the roof. Steel is heavier, which makes it more difficult and time-consuming to install. This could also contribute to a more expensive installation when compared to outfitting your home with aluminum gutters.

3. Longevity

guttersBoth steel and aluminum installations could last decades before the need for replacement. However, aluminum won’t expand and contract during temperature fluctuations like steel. When steel gets hot, it gets larger, and it shrinks when it cools off. The movement causes strain on fasteners and hangers, which could call for more frequent gutter repairs.

4. Rust Resistance

Although aluminum and steel gutters are long-lasting, aluminum is more resistant to rust and corrosion. The zinc membrane of steel wears away easily, which leaves the metal underneath vulnerable to the elements. If the sealant isn’t restored, rust could develop over time. 

5. Maintenance

Because rust forms quickly where raw steel is exposed, frequent gutter maintenance might be necessary. The zinc membrane often wears at the seams and corners. This means they need primer and sealant touch-ups to repel moisture and prevent corrosion. The baked-on membrane of aluminum fixtures is less prone to wear. Cleaning with mild detergent should keep them in top condition. 


If you want to reap the benefits aluminum gutters provide, Advanced Seamless can provide the gutter system installation you need. Since 1989, their technicians have been providing residents throughout La Crosse County, WI, with gutter replacement, repair, maintenance solutions, and gutter guard systems to help protect their homes against water drainage issues. To schedule service in West Salem or the surrounding areas, call (608) 786-2929, or visit the company online for details.  

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