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3 Orthodontic Emergencies You Can Handle at Home October 30, 2018

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3 Orthodontic Emergencies You Can Handle at Home, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Braces can withstand most activities, like talking, sipping, chewing, and brushing. However, minor problems can arise on occasion. Fortunately, you can handle some of the most common “emergencies” at home, saving you a trip to the orthodontist. Though swelling or pain warrant an exam right away, here are a few issues you can likely fix yourself. 

How to Address Common Orthodontic Issues

1. Loose Bracket or Band

Brackets and bands can become loose between appointments. Biting down on something relatively hard can break a bracket, while bands might come loose with sticky foods.. If the loose bracket is still attached to the wire, it can be left in place or the colored tie may be clipped with a small scissors. If the loose piece falls completely off, it can be thrown away.  Call the office on the next business day for the problem to be addressed.

2. Long/Poking Wire

orthodontistWhen wires become loose or long, you may be able to maneuver them back into place using a pair of tweezers. Otherwise, use clean nail clippers to cut the wire behind the last tooth to which it is fastened. If the protruding piece is too short to cut, place some wax on the end of it to prevent irritation. Call the office on the next business day to have the wire fixed.

3. Rapid Palatal Expander Problems

If after making an activation on the expander, the next hole isn’t visible, you will need to call the office on the next business day for the problem to be solved. 

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