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Why Are Regular Dental Visits So Important? October 19, 2018

Central Park, Manhattan
Why Are Regular Dental Visits So Important?, Manhattan, New York

For most patients, dentists recommend having a cleaning and exam performed every six months. In addition to helping you maintain a smile you’re proud to show off, these appointments also act as your best line of defense for keeping serious dental issues at bay. Discover why it’s never a good idea to skip your dental exam below.    

Why They’re Critical to Your Health

While at-home oral care is important for clearing away food particles and preventing decay, brushing and flossing alone won’t prevent plaque altogether. Some stubborn debris can still cling to teeth. Over time, this can form tartar which may put you at risk for serious conditions such as a tooth abscess and gum disease. As gum disease progresses, it can cause tooth and bone loss and even impact your cardiovascular health.

Luckily, dental hygienists have the tools and professional-grade products needed to eradicate tartar. In addition to thoroughly cleaning your teeth, your dental professionals will also look for any early signs of disease. They can also spot issues like broken fillings or small cavities. Having issues treated early can reduce your chance of having to pay for costlier treatments for more serious dental complications.   

What Happens During the Appointment

dentistRoutine dental appointments typically start with a cleaning, which is performed by a hygienist. These professionals will remove buildup from hard-to-reach places and polish the surface of your teeth to protect them and keep them looking their best. They may also perform x-rays to give the dentist a clearer view into any underlying issues. Finally, the dentist will examine your teeth and soft tissue to identify any concerns that may need attention.


If you’re seeking a trusted dentist who can provide a full range of oral care services in New York City, contact Pure Dental Care NY. As a trusted Manhattan dental expert, Dr. Nazia Ahmed offers quality care and state-of-the-art technology to ensure every patient’s needs are met. Learn more about the practice’s services on their website or call (212) 256-1292 to schedule your next exam.

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