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4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Checkup October 12, 2018

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4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Checkup, Bronx, New York

As a part of your overall wellness, it’s crucial to schedule routine checkups with your doctor to monitor things like your weight and blood pressure. From getting a complete picture of your health to asking essential questions, there are several benefits to visiting your doctor annually. The next time you visit your primary care physician, remember to ask these questions to get an idea of your general well-being.

4 Things to Ask Your Physician

1. Do I Need Any Tests?

Depending on your medical background, age, and family history, your doctor may recommend various screenings to provide a clearer picture of your health. These tests may be as general as a blood pressure check or may be more precise like a cholesterol screening. Ask your physician about any health concerns you may have and if a test would offer additional insight.

2.  How Is My Weight?

doctorBeing in an unhealthy weight range, whether under or over, can contribute to numerous health problems including malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Talk to your doctor about your specific weight and if you need to alter your diet or lifestyle to live healthier.

3. Do I Need a Vaccination?

Whether you’re planning an overseas trip or preparing for the seasonal flu, talk to your physician about any shots or vaccinations you should consider to protect against these maladies. You can also ask them about any benefits or risks associated with the medicine.

4. When Do I Need Another Visit?

After having your overall health evaluated, speak with your doctor about when you should schedule your next visit. If they noticed anything awry in your results, they may recommend you visit them in another three to six months to allow them to monitor the condition. Otherwise, ask them if returning once a year is an ideal schedule for your needs.


With doctors specializing in preventative and wellness medicine, Morris Park Medical Center proudly serves individuals in the Bronx, NY, neighborhoods and surrounding cities. Whether you need a routine checkup with a doctor or require a health screening, the professionals at Morris Park Medical Center have the skills and compassion to treat your health care needs. To learn more about this center, visit them online or call (718) 664-7679.

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