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Do's & Don'ts for Good Posture at Work September 25, 2018

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Do's & Don'ts for Good Posture at Work, Florissant, Missouri

It’s common for chiropractors to treat patients experiencing back pain due to their office posture. While sitting at a desk and staring a computer screen may seem fine during the day, there are habits and posture issues that can negatively impact your quality of life and lead to pain management treatment. If you work in an office and you’re experiencing back pain, embrace the following do’s and don’ts to minimize your discomfort moving forward.


Adjust your monitor as needed. 

A majority of business is conducted on computers. Before diving into a project, adjust your monitor, so it’s two feet away from you and at eye level. This will reduce the tendency to hunch forward and strain your neck to review your work. 

Take breaks and move around. 

The human body was not meant to be seated in one place for hours on end. Every hour or two, stand up and move around the office to give your back muscles a break. If you have room in your office or cubicle, try to perform a few stretches to soothe your neck and back and to improve circulation. 


Back PainDangle your feet. 

When your chair is at the wrong height, you may dangle your feet or cross your legs, two habits that lead to back strain and poor posture. When you arrive each morning, check your chair and make sure you can sit comfortably with both feet flat on the floor. 

Ignore back pain. 

When you set up an ergonomic workspace, take breaks, and stretch, you can enjoy a pain-free life at the office. However, if you still experience dull or sharp pain, don’t ignore it. Some aches and pains won’t go away without the help of a healthcare professional or environmental changes. If you’re experiencing chronic neck and back pain, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. Spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and posture recommendations can offer long-term relief. 


Get Well Family Chiropractic, led by Dr. Robyn Lawrence, is a trusted wellness center helping patients work comfortably throughout St. Louis County, MO. Their staff creates an inviting, holistic environment to provide pain management without the need for medication or invasive surgery. If you’re currently experiencing back pain due to work habits and poor posture, call (314) 524-2580 to schedule a consultation. For more information about their holistic techniques, visit their website.

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