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Why You Should Turn Your Gutters Into a Hanging Garden October 15, 2018

Snow Hill, Lincoln
Why You Should Turn Your Gutters Into a Hanging Garden, Snow Hill, Missouri

If you’re preparing for a new gutter installation, you might be wondering what to do with the old ones once they’ve been removed. Using them to plant a new vertical garden is a creative and simple idea that offers many benefits. Below is a simple primer on how to do it, as well as why more homeowners should consider this project.

How to Turn Old Gutters Into a Garden

When the gutter installation professional arrives, ask them to give you the old ones rather than throwing them away. You can nail these items to your deck or place them around your patio or even on a window ledge to create more space to plant flowers and even small vegetables in your yard. All you need to do is put some quality soil and seeds in them; the gutter material is durable enough to hold a heavy garden. Use a power drill to create several holes about a fourth of an inch in diameter on the bottom of the gutters to provide the proper drainage.

Why Should You Consider This Project?

gutter installationWhether you have a small backyard or have run out of space—or don’t have much of a yard at all—turning gutters into planters increases your usable green space. You can brighten up your property with colorful flowers or grow your own food, thereby increasing the curb appeal of your home. Better still, this is a fun and creative project. There are many places to hang gutters, and they can easily be painted different colors and styles.


Creating a garden out of gutters is a fun way to recycle a product and give your green thumb a workout. If you need help with new gutter installation work, speak with the team at Angle Ridge Remodeling LLC. They have served Troy, MO, residents for 32 years and can complete a variety of projects, ranging from simple home repairs to maintenance to gutter installation. To learn more about their many services, call (636) 462-4608 or visit them online today.