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5 Tips to Keep Your Property Safe from Break-Ins While You’re Gone September 25, 2018

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5 Tips to Keep Your Property Safe from Break-Ins While You’re Gone, Sharonville, Ohio

When you’re away from your property, knowing your home is safe while you’re gone gives you peace of mind to enjoy the vacation and not worry that your house is vulnerable to a burglar. There are many ways to increase home security and prevent thieves from attempting a break-in. Here are five ways to secure your home.

Ways to Increase Home Security

1. Keep Plans Low Key

Avoid posting publicly that you are away from your property, especially on social media. Limit knowledge of your whereabouts to a trusted few. The fewer people who know travel plans, the more secure your home will be against criminals. If you want to post photos, make sure your accounts are private or wait to post until after you’ve returned.

2. Install Burglar Alarms

Install a quality home security system, complete with a burglar alarm, motion sensors, monitoring, and even security cameras. Thieves are generally deterred by the presence of an alarm and will not target a home that has cameras. Choose a company that provides monitoring, and ask about remote monitoring and surveillance options that allow you to check on your home from a smart device no matter where you are.

3. Opt for Quality Locks

home securityWhenever you go away, especially for long periods of time, lock every door and window. Don’t take any chances; even second floor and small windows can give a criminal access. Take the extra step and ensure each lock is strong and secure. Ask your security company about the best deadbolts and smart locks available to provide an extra layer of protection.

4. Automated Lighting

A well-lit home is a safer home. Make sure your entire property has good illumination in the front, side, and back areas. Burglars find it more difficult to break in when the home is bright and their movements are easily seen. Install motion detectors with lights and set timers, so lights will go on and off throughout the day as if someone is home.

5. Keep a Schedule

When you will be gone for more than a week, make sure your lawn is handled in your absence. Hire a landscaping company to cut the grass, so your property doesn’t look unoccupied. In the winter, ensure someone is on deck for snow removal. Finally, put a hold on mail until you return, so it appears someone is getting each delivery.


For the best in business and home security, trust HSI Security. For more than 70 years, the company has offered Dayton, OH, top security packages, including burglar alarms and remote security monitoring. Their affordable services make it easy to find the best solution for your personal needs. When you are ready to install a trustworthy home security system, call (937) 479-6628 or visit them online.

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