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5 Door Lock Problems That Require Help From the Best Locksmiths January 13, 2019

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5 Door Lock Problems That Require Help From the Best Locksmiths, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Door locks are essential to protecting your property and keeping intruders out. However, these devices sometimes encounter problems that compromise the function and security of your entrance. If you’re concerned about your home or business, here are five common issues that only the best locksmith in your area should address.  

When to Call the Area’s Best Locksmith

1. Loose Knobs

A loose doorknob makes it difficult to operate the lock or open the door. Sometimes, this problem is due to an aging device. If the damage is severe, however, the issue may be a sign of forced entry. In either situation, it’s wise to have a professional replace the lock to maintain the integrity of the entryway.

2. Misalignment

Over time, doors can shift, forcing the lock out of alignment with the strike plate. When this happens, you may have to use excessive force to turn the lock or be unable to close the door entirely. Sometimes, small adjustments to the door’s position will fix these issues. However, if the lock is causing the problem, you’ll likely need professional repairs.

3. Broken or Stuck Key

best locksmithIf you use a wrong key or one that is weak, it may break off or become stuck in the lock. To regain use of the door, call a mobile locksmith who will carefully remove the item without compromising the lock. If necessary, these specialists will also replace the broken key with an appropriate one for your home.

4. Jammed Door

Old age, rust, weathering, dirt, and other issues clog up locking mechanisms and cause a door to jam shut. While you may be tempted to force it open, doing so results in more damage to the device. As such, it’s best to call a locksmith to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Depending on what’s wrong, the specialist may fix the problem by lubricating parts or replacing the device.

5. Inability to Lock

If the door’s knob turns properly, but the lock doesn’t engage, there is likely an issue with the small parts inside. Since repairing the internal mechanisms can be time-consuming and costly, the best resolution to the problem is often replacing the device.


When door lock problems impact your home or business, Ability Lock & Key has the skills and resources to help. As the best locksmiths of Winston-Salem, NC, these professionals will quickly identify issues and provide a wealth of reliable solutions to restore your property’s security—including rekeying, lock replacement, and deadbolt installation. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, this mobile locksmith will also come to you for quick and convenient service. Visit the specialist online to learn more about their services or call (336) 407-1586 to request assistance throughout the Piedmont-Triad area.  

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