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How Does Lighting Affect a Stage Performance? September 27, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
How Does Lighting Affect a Stage Performance?, Queens, New York

From Broadway plays to pop star performances, lighting plays an integral role in shows of all kinds. While spectators may naturally pay more attention to other elements like music and costumes, light has the power to drastically alter the mood and visual impact of the performance. Next time you watch a concert video or attend a show, consider how lighting affects the way you experience the event.

Mood & Ambiance

Closely watch a few concert videos online. You’ll probably learn an intense acapella performance is best complemented by stark spotlights to create a sense of intimacy. An upbeat dance performance, on the other hand, demands a lot of flashing, moving lights to add to the excitement. 

concert videoUltimately, the way video production professionals utilize light at a performance can enhance the mood and make the experience more compelling and dramatic for viewers. In conjunction with smoke machines, lasers, and pyrotechnics, lights never fail to captivate the audience and amplify the emotional impact.

Space & Logistics

Without proper lighting for the stage, spectators won’t be able to see the performers. Larger spaces require more intense light sources to adequately illuminate the area. The right lighting ensures the audience can see the drummer, guitar player, bassist, and other members of the band—it can also spotlight individuals, such as the lead singer during a ballad or solo.

For performers who dance or plan to move around, a controller has to manage the lighting throughout the show. While automation works well for some performances, most professional events utilize more complex techniques to create the desired effect.


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