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Tacoma Movers Share 3 Tips to Downsize Before a Move October 2, 2018

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Tacoma Movers Share 3 Tips to Downsize Before a Move, Puyallup, Washington

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you’re ready for a move. If you’re heading to a smaller place or simply want to declutter, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our movers at Safe to Go Movers, LLC are committed to ensuring clients have the best moving experience and want to share a few tips to help you get going. You’ll find that getting rid to the extras will not only reduce stress but may also generate some cash you can use later.

3 Ways to Downsize Before Moving

1. Start Big

It’s best to handle the big stuff first. If you know you won’t have room for that sectional sofa, king size bed, or over-sized dining table, put them up for sale. You’ll get them out of the way before you move and can use the money to purchase smaller versions for your new place. If you’re determined to keep them, have movers help you put them in storage.

2. Sort Out Wants & Needs

movers-safe-to-go-moversSome items are essential, while others you just like to have. As you’re starting to pack, set out things you need to keep and items you want to keep, such as miscellaneous décor. Once you have all the wants in one place, go through and see what you’re willing to get rid of. It’s helpful to do this as a family so that you get input from everyone and tough decisions can be voted on.

3. Toss Duplicates

Having two toasters, three brooms, and an extra office chair are all impractical. Duplicates can take up tons of space, so look at things you have extra of, select the best one and get rid of the others. You’ll make things easier for yourself and the movers.

Our team at Safe to Go Movers, LLC is committed to creating a low-stress process, which is why we offer a full breakdown of our services online alongside professional moving tips. We’re glad to help with residential and commercial moving and can handle both local and long distance moving jobs. Call (253) 268-9400 today to schedule a consultation with our movers.

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