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4 Tips to Make Your Home’s Exterior Paint Last Longer October 15, 2018

Hampton Bays, Southampton
4 Tips to Make Your Home’s Exterior Paint Last Longer, Southampton, New York

A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house brightens and revives your property. From quality exterior painters to quality maintenance techniques, there are a few ways to keep the color looking new and vibrant for as long as possible. Here are some tips for extending the lifespan of your house painting.

Ways to Make Exterior Paint Endure

1. Hire Quality Exterior Painters

When you need house painting, invest in quality exterior painters to complete the job. Professionals will know how to prepare your outside area to create an ideal surface, which includes power washing and drying as well as leveling the material for a clean finish. They also utilize high caliber tools and equipment to get to every area safely and easily; they will also choose quality paint that will hold up against the worst Mother Nature throws at it.

2. Keep Up With Repairs

exterior painterDon’t wait to fix damage — the longer it sits, the harder it will be to remedy. Repair dings, dents, missing areas, and other trouble as soon as possible. Have wood filler and touch-up paint on hand to fill in chips and cracks, and call your exterior painter for help if there are larger areas that need attention or have suffered damage from inclement weather.

3. Clean Around the House

When yard debris and dirt are left around the perimeter of your home, grime will find its way onto your exterior, making it look dingy and unattractive. The cleaner your landscaping is, the less likely freshly painted areas will look dirty and old. Keep up with yard work, and make sure trash and other items are not affecting your property. Trim your trees, and beware that outdoor items like trash cans aren’t butting up against new paint and staining or damaging it.

4. Stay Dry

Water can wreak havoc on many surfaces; your freshly painted exterior is one of them. While quality paint can handle rainfall, water damage from pooling areas, leaks, problematic gutters, poorly angled sprinklers, and any trouble that keeps the area constantly wet will lead to paint peeling and bubbling. You may even begin to see mold and mildew building up on your new paint layer. Repair components that are causing water trouble to keep your home dry.


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