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Top 3 Business Card Design Trends of 2018 September 26, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
Top 3 Business Card Design Trends of 2018, Brooklyn, New York

Even in a world of emails, websites, and online connections, the business card remains an important tool for making an impression. It expresses a brand and is tangible, and it’s something people will remember if you’re creative. A plain business card gets lost in the mix, which is why it’s imperative to stand out. If you’re looking for ideas to enhance your business card, stick with the year’s most popular design trends below.

2018’s Top 3 Business Card Design Trends

1. Thick Cards

Thin, flimsy business cards feel weak in the hands and get lost among others. To ensure yours stands out, consider a thicker cardstock. Tangibly, your card will feel significantly different from the rest, and the thicker sides offer additional room for design ideas like complementary colors. They’re also more durable and will hold up better over time.

2. Bold, Oversized Print

business cardThe message on your business card needs to demand the recipient’s attention and also promote your brand. The simplicity of just a few words can make a major impact when you use large, bold print. Whether you’re stacking a few words or having one take up the majority of the card, it will catch eyes time and time again and get your message and brand noticed. Just be careful of using too many words or a clunky font that will make it look jumbled.

3. Minimalism

Sometimes, you can make the biggest impact by being direct and simple. Elegant minimalist designs have made a comeback for a number of reasons. They’re especially helpful for conveying a brand, and in many cases, recipients in the fast-paced workplace appreciate something clean and clear to understand. The business card can also be a reflection of how you do business—straightforward and uncomplicated. Focus on san-serif fonts and muted color variations for the best effect.


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