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5 Benefits of Car Leasing Instead of Buying September 20, 2018

Glen Cove, Glen Cove
5 Benefits of Car Leasing Instead of Buying, Glen Cove, New York

If you're in the market for a new car, it's crucial to determine whether car leasing or buying is best for your wants and needs. There are several benefits to leasing versus buying, including financial flexibility and the ability to change your car more often. The team at Optimum Auto Leasing in Glen Cove, NY, shares some leasing advantages.

Pros of Car Leasing Versus Buying

1. Have Lower Monthly Payments

car leasingMost car leasing options leave drivers with a lower monthly payment because you don't have to put down a large down payment. With leasing, your monthly payments go toward the car's residual value rather than the entire cost.

2. Enjoy the Latest Car Options

One of the top reasons people prefer car leasing is that you can get a new car every few years. This allows you to enjoy the newest features — such as technology or safety options — without having to purchase a car.

3. Put Down Less Money Upfront

If you don't have the budget to put down a large down payment to secure lower monthly installments, leasing might be right for you. Typically, you won't have to put money down up front to secure a more affordable payment.

4. Avoid Worry About Selling or Trading In

When you buy a car, you have to consider what happens when you want or need a new one — you'll have to sell it or trade it in for its current value. With a lease, you leave the car at the dealership once its terms are over.

5. Get Tax Benefits

In most cases, you only have to pay sales tax on the amount you're paying — the usage — rather than the entire car's value. Further, if you use it for business, it can be a tax write-off. This adds up at the end of the year.

If you're looking to lease a car rather than buy one, go to the experts at Optimum Auto Leasing today. Whether you're looking for auto leasing or cars for sale, their team can help you find the best match for your needs. With a large inventory of cars, including luxury options, you're sure to find your dream automobile here. To learn more about car leasing or read testimonials, visit them online or call (800) 304-0100 to speak to a representative today.

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