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A Look Back at the History of the Limousine October 4, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan
A Look Back at the History of the Limousine, Manhattan, New York

Although everyone knows the limousine is a symbol of high-class living and prosperity, the exact history of the iconic vehicle may still be somewhat of a mystery to many. While the vehicle certainly has a modern-day, metropolitan feeling now, its roots stretch back hundreds of years. Here is a brief history of the limo service to help you appreciate its beginnings and how people use it today.

Exploring the History of the Limousine 

French Roots

The word “limousine” comes from a feminine version of the word “Limoges,” the region in France where the vehicle first gained traction in the 1700s. There were no high-powered motors in those days, so a horse and carriage were used. What set limousines apart from other carriages was the passengers and drivers were housed in entirely separate compartments. This setup resembled cloaks worn by residents of Limoges, defining the vehicle for hundreds of years to come. 

The Motor Age

limo serviceWhile the first motorized limousine was manufactured in 1902, it would take until 1928 for the iconic “stretch” version of the automobile to appear. Because these large vehicles were used to transport big bands and their instruments, they were often called “big band buses.”

Limo Service for the Stars

As the popularity of the limousine continued to rise in the United States, Hollywood began to take notice. By the 1930s, movie stars had adopted the automobiles as the must-haves for arriving on the scene. Since that time, the limousine has continued to evolve both in appearance and utility. While the vehicles are still symbols of the rich and famous, limo service is widely available for almost any occasion. Their ability to transport many people makes it safer to engage in on-the-go party activities and lends an air of luxury to any evening.


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