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How to Spot a Broken Window Seal November 14, 2018

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How to Spot a Broken Window Seal, Cincinnati, Ohio

The windows in your home play a larger role than just providing a pleasant view. They are also effective at keeping air in the house. And if they leak, your HVAC system will work much harder to heat or cool the space. If the damage is bad enough, you’ll need a window replacement rather than repairs. Below, you can learn the top signs of a broken seal so you can get it fixed immediately.

What Are the Signs of a Broken Window Seal? 

1. Foggy Windows

Over the years, small holes may develop in the window panes due to exposure of the elements. And materials like wood may rot or warp. Air heavy with moisture will then move inside the panes, and as it condenses, it will turn into fog. Clean both the interior and exterior of the window to see if the cloudiness dissipates. If not, the moisture is inside the pane, and you’ll need to contact a window specialist.

2. Spike in Energy Bills

window replacementWhen air escapes through the window, it means your HVAC system will continuously strain to maintain the desired temperature. That extra work requires more energy, resulting in higher energy payments. Start tracking any fluctuations in your bills, and if you’re not sure what’s causing the rising costs, speak with a contractor about window replacement. 

3. Nearby Temperature Change

If you feel much warmer or cooler next to a window, air may be escaping through the broken seal. Drafty windows can lead to increases in energy bills as well, so don’t put off scheduling an appointment with a window replacement specialist. 


If you suspect one of your window seals has broken, you should consult with the window specialists at NuVue Products. With over six decades of experience in the industry, the professionals will quickly be able to tell you if it’s time for a window replacement. They provide access to high-quality products from national manufacturers. To receive a free estimate, call (513) 631-1801 or visit the window contractor’s website

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