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4 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter October 10, 2018

Fishkill, Dutchess
4 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter, Fishkill, New York

Your swimming pool provided a wonderful refuge from the heat all summer long, and now it is time to say goodbye to a great season. Whether you are looking at your first winter with a pool or had issues keeping the backyard feature in good condition during cold weather last year, there is plenty you can do to maintain it. The right off-season measures streamline the re-opening process next spring.

Top 4 Tips for Swimming Pool Winterization

1. Clean

Clean your swimming pool thoroughly. Use your skimmer or leaf rake to remove all surface debris and brush the liner to dislodge any algae. Vacuum the backyard feature to eliminate all particles that have sunk to the bottom. Let the filter run for at least 24 hours to further cleanse it before winter.

2. Shock the Pool & Add Algaecide

swimming pool Add chlorine shock to your swimming pool three or four days before you close for the winter. Follow the manufacturer directions—usually, about 2 pounds per 10,000 gallons of water suffices. Allow the chlorine level to reach 1.0-3.0 ppm before using a winter algaecide, as too much chlorine will dissolve the product. Excessive chlorine will also bleach your pool liner and cause the cover to deteriorate prematurely.

3. Invest in a Quality Pool Cover & Keep It Clean

Purchase a high-quality cover to protect your swimming pool from leaves, twigs, animal excrement, insects, and other debris. Opt for a solid vinyl cover rather than a mesh one since particles can still sift through the mesh. Secure vinyl covers keep all debris out of your pool and also prevent assorted animals from accidentally slipping under the cover and drowning. Keep your cover clear of water, debris, and snow to prevent sagging issues.

4. Drain Motorized Parts

Drain the filter, pump, and heater before winter’s chill takes over to prevent these parts from freezing and sustaining serious damage. Drain all of the pipes as well for the same reasons. Depending on where these parts are located, you may want to purchase a weatherproof, breathable cover to avoid untimely replacements. Lower the water level to below the skimmer line as well to prevent frozen and burst pipe issues.

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