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3 Signs Your Parent Needs Home Elderly Care December 12, 2018

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3 Signs Your Parent Needs Home Elderly Care, Henrietta, New York

Choosing professional care for an aging parent can be a difficult decision. You want to go with the safest option, as well as the one that will make your loved one happiest. Home elderly care is an increasingly popular choice among rising in-patient healthcare costs. But how do you know when your loved one needs home care?

How to Tell Your Loved One May Need Home Elderly Care

1. Poor Personal Hygiene

An elderly parent may stop their usual personal grooming habits because they’re physically unable to perform tasks like combing their hair or showering. They may also stop because they are suffering from memory loss due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, and they simply forget to perform these daily activities.  

2. Struggling to Move or Stand Up

A person with decreased mobility is at an increased risk for falls. Whether they are struggling to climb and descend stairs or they struggle to stand up from a chair, it’s unsafe to allow a loved one to live alone under these circumstances. A home elderly care provider can help them move safely and comfortably from room to room when needed. They can also run errands and take steps to make your loved one’s home as safe as possible

3. Social Isolation

home elderly careThe elderly can suffer from depression related to social isolation. This can be as dangerous to their health as a medical condition. Home health care providers can provide much needed social interaction to keep your family member feeling connected when you can’t be there.


Lifetime Care has provided compassionate, quality home health care, and acute rehabilitation services for more than fifty years throughout New York’s Finger Lakes region. Their highly qualified team of nurses and home health aides provide medical services and emotional support for patients and their families. When you choose Lifetime Care, you’re picking the home elderly care service that more than 33,000 households across six counties have chosen to care for their loved ones. See why by watching their patient testimonials, call (585) 214-1000 to reach their Rochester, NY, location, or send a Facebook message to connect with a staff member today.

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