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Top 3 Signs Your Sprinkler Needs Repairs September 24, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
Top 3 Signs Your Sprinkler Needs Repairs, Lincoln, Nebraska

A beautiful yard requires proper hydration, but many lawns don’t get the water they need due to lack of rainfall. That’s why installing a sprinkler is such an effective method for helping keep your yard looking its best through spells of dry weather. However, over time, they can develop mechanical problems that limit their effectiveness or make them inoperable altogether. The good news is that lawn sprinkler repair services can help restore malfunctioning sprinklers to like-new condition.

Signs You Need to Have Your Irrigation System Checked

1. Loss of Pressure

Over time, your sprinkler can lose functionality. When this happens, one of the most common signs of failure is a loss of pressure. If you’ve noticed that a certain zone isn’t spraying water as forcefully as it once did, it is a surefire sign you need to have your unit repaired to restore performance.

2. Uneven Watering

sprinkerA properly working sprinkler will distribute a uniform amount of water to your lawn. If you are experiencing areas of your yard that have pooled with water and other areas that are parched, it is indicative of a malfunctioning head. You may need to have a head replaced or adjusted.

3. Your Bills Have Skyrocketed

A working sprinkler can help you save on your water bills by helping you water your lawn in a more efficient manner. However, if you’ve noticed your water bills skyrocketing suddenly, it could be your irrigation system to blame. Broken sprinklers can develop leaks, which can lead to the loss of water. Routinely check your system for leaks to ensure efficient watering and to keep your bills in check.


If you’ve noticed that your lawn sprinkler isn’t performing like it used to or are seeing other signs of a broken system, call an irrigation system specialist right away. The team at Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, NE, has been the area’s leading sprinkler repairer and irrigation system installer for 56 years. Family owned and operated, they offer the personalized service that can help ensure that your yard’s irrigation system needs are always taken care of. Call them at (402) 476-8552 or visit them online for more information on all of their services.

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