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3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween October 15, 2018

Walworth, Wayne
3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween, Walworth, New York

Keeping your four-legged companion safe is always a priority for any dog owner, but Halloween can be an especially scary and anxiety-provoking time for a pooch. Fortunately, some simple safeguards and dog training measures will ensure the protection and contentment of your furry pal this All Hallows Eve. Here are a few tips and dog training suggestions that will keep both of you calm for Halloween.

3 Pointers for Protecting Your Dog on Halloween

1. Introduce the Concept of Costumes

Dogs understand concepts at about a two-year-old-human level. They can’t distinguish between real and make-believe, and masks and costumes can complicate this already-fuzzy distinction. One way to help your dog prepare for Halloween is to introduce masks and costumes. For instance, put on a mask in front of your dog, let them see you in it, and then take it off — allowing them to make the connection that it is still you. This can lessen their apprehension and unease around strange- or scary-looking figures come Halloween.

2. Keep Them in a Safe Place

dog trainingIf you're uncertain about how your dog will react to trick-or-treaters or strangers, keep them in a secure place on Halloween. This means away from doors and windows where scary things are visible. Also, avoid taking the dog on trick-or-treating rounds; the overstimulation of the environment and all the strange people they encounter could provoke a reaction or frighten them. It's best to shelter them in a room where they feel safe. Since home kennels are a big component of early dog training practices, many find that safety in their kennel.

3. Be Extra Cautious When Out & About

If you feel confident the dog can handle the stresses of being out in the neighborhood with you on Halloween, take some extra precautions. Keep an eye on them and gauge how they're feeling at all times. Another potential concern during the autumn months is the danger posed by certain plants; some people plant bulbs this time of year, and many of these bulbs are toxic to dogs. Bees, too, can be particularly dangerous during the fall. This is all the more reason to be mindful of your dog, their feelings, and what they're experiencing while the two of you are out and about.


Follow these tips, and you can be certain your dog will be prepared for Halloween. For dog training, grooming, and pet kennel services, trust the professionals at Orchard Kennels. They welcome all dogs over 35 lbs. in the Wayne County area. Contact them by calling (315) 986-1605, visiting their website, or messaging them via Facebook.

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