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3 Steps to Take Before a Well Pump Installation October 10, 2018

Bremerton, Kitsap
3 Steps to Take Before a Well Pump Installation, Bremerton, Washington

A pump installation is the final step in hooking up your home to a new water well system. However, getting a new well is a long and involved process, so you should know what’s required of you and what to expect throughout the process. Here are three major steps to keep in mind.

What to Do Before a Well Pump Installation

1. Securing Permits

Your drilling contractor is familiar with the process, so they should know which permits to obtain and regulations you’ll need to follow. If you haven’t hired a contractor, speak with your local government’s planning office. They should tell you any limitations on installing a well and how to get the appropriate permits.

2. Well Drilling

Where you should drill the well will depend on your property layout. For example, it should be drilled some distance from your septic tank and the system’s drain field. You’ll also need to know about the groundwater in your area to locate the best spot to target and how deep to drill. Your contractor will be valuable here in helping you choose the best spot.

3. Testing the Yield & Quality

pump installationOnce contractors have drilled the well, have them conduct yield and water testing. This process tells you how much water the well can provide and what the quality of that water is. If you’ve gotten a low-yield well, it may not provide enough water for your needs, and it may dry up in drought conditions. You’ll then need to decide if you want to try drilling a second well. Testing the water quality will also tell you what kind of water treatment system you’ll need.


The team at Coolwater Drilling understands every step of the well process, from obtaining permits to pump installation. They’ve served Kitsap County, WA, property owners for almost 40 years. They are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind. Visit them online or call (360) 830-9005 to schedule a no-obligation, free estimate!

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