Huber Heights, Ohio

Solutions Service Provider June 4, 2015

Huber Heights, Montgomery
Solutions Service Provider, Huber Heights, Ohio

Over the last 10 years, we have had many changes in how we work, play, socialize, and how we live. Today, we have more technology, more social engagements, and more communication options than any time in history. Technology drives these capabilities through constant innovation, technology adaption, and problem solving. Quilnet Solutions has been providing services to our customers for 8 years now. We have seen many shifts in both our industry and in lifestyles of our community. These constantly evolving changes require a business that is adaptive, agile, and provides the best solutions to solve the greatest problems.

Solutions Service Provider

Most know Quilnet Solutions as a tech support company, specializing in computer repair, virus removal, and IT services. But under the hood, Quilnet Solutions continues to engage in the latest in technology innovations, including Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Smart Systems, including AI. These have been the internal driving force of our business for the last few years. This is now coming to the surface. Today, we are announcing a new direction for our company. A direction that truly defines who we are and what we strive to achieve. Today, we are now a Solutions Service Provider (SSP).

What is a Solutions Service Provider?

As a business in dynamic change, it’s important to provide relevant solutions to the problems our customers face. Adapting to the conditions or environment that the problem is in, Quilnet Solutions can provide the best solution for the problem. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers and offer a unique plan to get our customers to their goal. Just as Software as a Service has unilaterally disrupted the way people do business, so will our business in providing the solutions to all of our customers’ problems and needs. Transitioning ourselves from a tech support or help desk company to providing Solutions as a Service, we will continue to innovate, adapt, and change toward the future. To the benefit of our customers, we bring them to the future with us, giving them the edge they need to become better than their competition. You worry about your business and let us handle the problem. That’s our motto.

Continued Excellence

Many of our customers use our tech support and onsite services each year. Quilnet Solutions is dedicated to providing continued excellence in the services our customers know and love. We will be transitioning these services into our Solutions Service Provider model which means they will benefit from continued support while gaining all the benefits that will come from the SSP transition as we move forward.


Quilnet Solutions is proud of what we have accomplished over the last 8 years. Through exceptional service offerings, to generating the best products, having cutting edge technologies and capabilities, and, most importantly, having the highest skilled customer service team to back everything up, we have only the best for our customers. The next 8 years will see an increase in the capabilities, support options, and greater solutions for our customers. But with all of that, keeping our customers as a first priority will continue to be the driving factor of our business. For without the customer, this is all for nothing.

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