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5 Sounds Which Mean You Need Washer Repair September 24, 2018

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5 Sounds Which Mean You Need Washer Repair, Delhi, Ohio

If you find yourself asking why your laundry machine has gotten so loud, there’s a good chance you might need washer repair. While a certain amount of noise is normal, any change in the sound’s volume or character indicates a mechanical change inside your washing machine—one which an appliance repair expert can fix. Here are some of the most common noises you might hear and what they mean.

5 Sounds From Your Washer

1. Rumbling

Your washer’s motor coupler is the part which transfers power from the motor to the transmission, so it can turn the washer’s drum. The motor and transmission each have a drive fork, and when the coupling is deteriorating, the forks rumble against each other. Replacing the coupling will eliminate the noise.

2. Slamming

Another possibility is that your washer relies on shock absorbers to keep the drum from impacting the sides of the machine. If you only hear this slamming noise sometimes, you probably have an unbalanced load. However, if it happens every time you run the washer, the shock absorbers aren’t working.

3. Scraping

Washer RepairScraping and shrieking noises can come from more than one place. The clutch assembly may be worn down, slowing the washer and making grating noises. If your model has a pump belt, it might be wearing out. The cogs controlling the agitator action are a third potential culprit. Watch for excess moisture after a wash or unusual smells to help your washer repair technician diagnose the problem.

4. Intermittent Noise

The laundry machine’s drain pump is only used at certain points in the cycle, so when it’s clogged or damaged, it creates noise that is only heard part of the time the washer is on. If you know how to clean the pump, it might resolve the problem; otherwise, you need an expert.

5. General Loudness

If your washer makes the same usual sounds but is getting louder, the bearings are the most likely cause. They help your washer’s tub move smoothly, and when they are worn down by detergent, they can’t do the job correctly.


No matter what noise your laundry machine is making, Complete Appliance Service, serving the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area, will provide prompt, effective washer repair. Over the course of almost 40 years, they’ve had experience with every type of household appliance and can provide everything from refrigerator tuneups to oven repair. Their A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau® is a testament to their skill and excellent customer service. To schedule repairs, call (513) 661-3708, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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