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5 Popular Area Rug Styles for Your Home October 9, 2018

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5 Popular Area Rug Styles for Your Home, Enterprise, Alabama

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet, cool tile, or hardwood floors, when you add area rugs, you create a personal space that’s warm and comfortable. But with so many rug options available to you, it might be hard to know which one to choose for your home. Below, you’ll find some beautiful modern trends that might match your style.

Try These 5 Area Rug Styles in Your Home

1. Think Pink

While pink used to be banished two little girls‘ bedrooms, it’s recently been sneaking its way out to the rest of the house, and people are loving it! You can add luxury to your home with a blush, dusty, or raspberry pink. It can quickly brighten up a boring space with calming comfort.

2. Get Back to Nature

Trending rugs are seeing a rise in the use of natural textures and colors. From jute to seagrass, you can find any number of organic materials made beautiful for your floor. Get area rugs in calming greens and browns to bring the great outdoors, indoors.

3. Make it MathematicalArea Rugs

Both modern and mid-century modern homes feature geometric floor art to add a clean, crisp vibe. With blocky or triangular patterns, you too can add a mathematical flare to your home with these great designs.

4. Add International Adventure

From Moroccan colors to Chinese patterns, international motifs are making their way onto the floors of homes everywhere. Add rich hues and details to your home with a unique imported rug.

5. Pile It On

If you can’t choose one rug, go with several. Another amazing trend is the art of layering area rugs. Mix and match colors and patterns to create a comfortable environment you love.


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